Make Your Mornings Meaningful

For most, mornings are rushed and chaotic. My mornings used to consist of sleeping in as late as possible, throwing on whatever clothes I can find, and running out the door to work. God has been calling Tim and I to be more disciplined, and for the last several weeks we’ve been waking up hours before we have to walk out the door. There’s something beautiful about the earliest hours of the day, when all is calm and new. Starting your morning with intention will set you up for success throughout the day, if you carve out the time for yourself. I’ve found that the slower my mornings are, the less exhausted I am later on. If you feel like you don’t have enough time, you’re surviving and not thriving, or you need more peace, keep reading for a few tips that have made my mornings meaningful:

Be Prepared.

Pick a room or space that you want to spend half an hour or an hour in tomorrow, and tidy it up tonight before bed. Set out your coffee beans, tea bags, or supplements on the counter and make a playlist of happy morning music. Set yourself up for success the night before, and watch your mornings transform.

Set the Mood.

If you want to make your mornings meaningful, you have to create an atmosphere of intention. As soon as you wake up, go into your space and light a candle, start your diffuser, play some music, or turn on a lamp. Welcome the day as you would welcome guests – with hospitality. You are just as deserving of a tidy home, cozy details, and thoughtfulness. When my morning space feels inviting, I start my day with contentment.

Pamper Yourself.

Whether it’s a skincare routine or a warm bath, your sleepy body needs to be nurtured. Most people wait until the end of the day to treat themselves, but I love putting on a face mask and taking an Epsom salt bath to wake myself up. There’s something luxurious about having “me time” before the day’s tasks begin. If you only have a few extra minutes, start simple: put on lotion before you get dressed. These little details seem frivolous, but your mind will wake up faster if your body is taken care of.

Get Moving.

I love doing yoga in the morning. I’m a side-sleeper, so my hips and shoulders are always tight when I wake up. If yoga isn’t your thing, do a few simple stretches. Whatever you do, try to breathe deeply and sweat a little. I switch between this 5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute, and 20-minute routine, depending on how early I set my alarm.

Open the Word.

Now that you’ve prepared your mind and body for the day ahead, it’s time to prepare your heart. His mercies are new every morning, and there’s nothing sweeter than fresh revelation to start your day. I notice a huge difference in my spirit when I don’t spend time with Jesus before walking out the door. I want to encourage you to begin following a devotion, journaling, and bookmarking verses to cling to. God chose to wake you up this morning, so start your day with gratefulness.

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