The Christian Crash Course to Dating, Love, & Marriage

When do you think I should start dating?

My parents’ rule was that I could “date” when I turned 16, meaning I could be alone with a boy, in public. Even with this rule, I had boyfriends and flirted with a lot of guys, and had my heart broken plenty of times before my sweet sixteen rolled around. There’s no scripture that talks about dating, and the majority of casual relationships end dramatically, hurtfully, and awkwardly. My personal advice would be to wait as long as possible before you start dating. Ideally, you’ll only date people that you could see yourself marrying, so there’s no point to running through a dozen boyfriends/girlfriends by the time you graduate high school.

I don’t know how to act around this boy/girl I like! What should I do?

I was an extremely boy-crazy teenager, so I have plenty of experience with this struggle. If you like somebody, you can do one of three things: you can tell them, you can tell everyone but them, or you can tell no one. If you’re a teenager, I would highly recommend keeping crushes to yourself. In any situation in life, the more people get involved, the riskier things get. Chances are, your crush will be over within a few months, so why waste time on drama and heartache? If you’re mature enough to plan for marriage, then tell your crush how you feel! Don’t wait around for them to read your mind. If he or she isn’t romantically interested in you, then you can move on with your life and conquer the world. Doesn’t that sound better than waiting and wondering?

How can I tell if someone likes me back?

ASK THEM. If they’re too unsure, awkward, or immature to give you a solid answer, then move on. Then again, if you ask someone and they give you an honest answer, you have to respect that. Don’t create anxiety for somebody just because they want to “just be friends.”

When did you know Tim was the One?

I could give you a super long answer on this, but I’ll limit it to a couple words: I didn’t. Tim and I don’t believe in soulmates, we believe in commitment. There’s no Biblical or scientific evidence that one person is created for a specific partner. I think there are characteristics, backgrounds, and quirks that are more complimentary to my own characteristics, backgrounds, and quirks, but I don’t think Tim fulfills every gap and need in my life. There’s no soulmate because there’s no perfect person. Everyone you meet will disappoint you, probably more than once. The longevity of any relationship rests on how much effort both parties are willing to put into growing and nurturing love. If you’re looking for a soulmate, you’ll be looking for the rest of your life.

Do you wish you had waited until you were older to get married?

What’s been the most surprising thing about being married?

What’s been your favorite thing about being married?

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